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A Note From Megan:

We are currently in the process of updating this site. All pieces featured on Netflix's Emily in Paris will soon be available. Please contact us if you have any questions about inventory.  
Megan has always preferred slight off things, less polished. A classic with a twist i.e. different shaped diamonds or one larger than the rest. Hand craftsmanship gives Megan the essence and looks that appeal to her. Megan strives to find rare stones and to transform the normal stones into unique. She always uses 18kt to 22kt gold as anything less, is not gold in Europe.
Megan works hand in hand with stone carvers, to accomplish a perfect cut or carve to her design. As they are not normal cuts, it is a tedious process, but it the most gratifying process. Even on her diffusion collection wood, silver or horn, she sits and directs the process and the persons involved in it. For her diffusion line, she uses wool and cotton cords, from Italy, that are hand woven by persons, that used to work in the sweater industry, but have now been replaced by machines. Megan has a strong desire to keep their talents alive.
Megan has a strong desire not to lose these talents to machinery, this is why she lives in India.
Megan: “My Diamonds, Oh I love Diamonds! Who doesn’t? I love to use many raw unmanufactured mine cut diamonds. This has been a signature for many years. Diamonds are set in an old traditional ancient setting called Kumden. It’s done with pure gold and can only be done by hand. This traditional setting style is juxtaposed to a modern design. Many of my stones are hand carved to symbolize the story. I use unmanufactured gem cut.”
Megan desires only for you to feel happy, unique and outstanding with every piece of jewelry.


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