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About Megan Odabash

Megan Odabash Creates Striking Jewelry…And a Career is Born

Megan Odabash traveled to Hollywood California seeking fame in the traditional way: as an actress. She garnered roles in both independent and feature films. But it was the Al Pacino and Russell Crowe film “The Insider” in 1999 that steered her down another path.

The Insider was nominated for 8 Academy Awards. Pre-Oscar party invitations were piling up and with it the pressure to look fabulous and unique at each event. So in an effort to be seen in something no one else would be wearing, she crafted a necklace of her own design from a stone she brought in Cambodia. Not one, but three people, including Lisa Marie Presley and Christie Brinkley, literally wanted the piece off her neck! The rest, as the adage goes, is history.

Megan found her necklace on the pages of Vogue magazine and with that exposure, a demand for her custom-designed jewels escalated. Many actresses wanted to wear them because of their individuality. Ironically, the requests for her one-of-a-kind necklaces coincided with the film industry strike. The strike opened up Megan’s free time to explore jewelry making. Her first stop was Brazil to track down the stones she had chosen for her original design. Within months, these necklaces were being photographed for high-fashion magazines around the world. The exciting thing about her jewelry was that each piece was unique and a statement of individuality because no two stones were alike, they were big statement pieces.

Since 2000, Megan has cultivated original, bold, and dynamic jewelry worth collecting. Hand artisanship is the cornerstone of each piece. She is attracted to raw mine cut diamonds, unmanufactured gem cuts with bright colors and is fascinated by old traditional settings which often serve as a springboard for entire collections. Megan’s inspirations come from her love of nature, travel and architecture mainly the sixties and seventies mostly, each finished piece is created with the inherent qualities of the stone or material in mind.

She continues to be inspired by India and the Far East. Educated in New York and Paris, she has degrees in economics, business and art history. A personal goal of hers is to explore all the Wonders of the World, modern and ancient. While traveling to India to check off the Taj Mahal from her Wonders list. She met and befriended the royal family who introduced her to their jewelries. They began manufacturing a collection for her. She lives half the year in Jaipur India, still 16 years later.

Her jewelry has landed her in some of the most respected fashion establishments like L’Esclaireur in Paris, Harvey Nichols in London and Takashimaya in New York City. Other prestigious locations which carry her collections are Bergdorf Goodman (NYC), Amarees (Newport, California), Reinhold (Puerto Rico), Forty Five Ten (Dallas), and On Pedder (Hong Kong). Megan’s editorial credits include Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Town & Country, W, W Jewelry and many more. Celebrities are still enamored of Megan Odabash jewelry. Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie have all worn it. Now you know what the Hollywood elite does: you can be seen in any jewels, but Megan Odabash jewelry gets you noticed.